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0200. Mayor, Office of the

 Record Group
Identifier: 0200
Boston was incorporated as a city on February 23, 1822 by Chapter 110 of the Acts of 1821. This act was adopted by the voters on March 4, 1822. The City Charter established the form of government as a Mayor; a Board of Aldermen, consisting of eight elected at large; and a Common Council, of forty-eight elected by wards; to be called when conjoined, ‘the City Council.” The Mayor and Aldermen were vested with the administration of the police, and executive power of the corporation generally, with specific enumerated powers. All other powers belonging to the corporation were vested in the Mayor, Aldermen and Common Council exercised by concurrent vote. The Mayor served as ex officio Chairman of the Board of Aldermen until 1855. Section 29 of Chapter 448 of the Acts of 1854 , "an act to revise the charter of the City of Boston", provided for the choice of a permanent chairman by the Board of Aldermen who presided at all meetings of the board and at conventions of the two branches in the absence of the Mayor. The administration of the police, together with the executive powers of the corporation generally, all the powers formerly vested in the Selectmen of Boston, and all the powers subsequently vested in the Mayor and Board of Aldermen, as county commissioners or otherwise, were vested in the Board of Aldermen. The Mayor if present continued to preside but without a vote. All other powers belonging to the corporation continued to be vested in the Mayor, Aldermen and Common Council, exercised by concurrent vote. Chapter 266 of the Acts of 1885, an act to amend the charter of the City of Boston, transferred to the Mayor the power to appoint, subject to the approval of the Board of Aldermen, all officers and boards elected by the City Council or Board of Aldermen, and all offices that may be established in the future. All executive powers vested in the Board of Aldermen were transferred to the Mayor to be exercised through the several officers and boards of the City in their respective departments, under the general supervision and control of the Mayor. The Mayor no longer would be a member, nor preside at any meeting, nor appoint any committee of the Board of Aldermen. Chapter 449 of the Acts of 1895 provided for the election of Mayor for a term of two years. Chapter 486 of the Acts of 1909 vested in the Mayor all the executive powers of the corporation. All heads of departments and municipal boards, excluding the school committee and those appointed by law by the governor, would be appointed by the mayor without confirmation by the City Council. The Mayor was elected at large to hold office for a term of four years. Chapter 94 of the Acts of 1918 provided that the Mayor could not serve consecutive terms. This act was annulled by chapter 300 of the Acts of 1938 which provided that the Mayor of Boston shall be eligible for election for the succeeding term.

Found in 16 Collections and/or Records:

Board of Commissioners of the Summer Street Fire Loan records

Identifier: 0200.022
Scope and Contents

Includes the proceedings of the Board from December 20, 1872-March 17, 1873 and a list entitled "Memo" recording inquiries made to the Board.

Dates: 1872-1873

Boston 200 publications

Identifier: 0200.004
Scope and Contents

Publications produced by the Boston 200 Committee, which was created to organize the celebration of the Bicentennial of the United States in Boston. Includes an official guidebook, final report, the neighborhood history series and other publications.

Dates: 1973-1977

Boston Historic Conservation Committee records

Identifier: 0200.011
Scope and Contents

The records were collected by William Gurney, an employee of the Boston Redevelopment Authority, who served as secretary to the committee. Includes correspondence, newsclippings, newsletters and a report of the survey of the north slope of Beacon Hill.

Dates: 1961-1967

Boston Tercentenary Committee records

Identifier: 0200.002
Scope and Contents note This collection includes records relating to the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the founding of Boston. Mayor James M. Curley served as the honorary chairman of the Boston Tercentenary Committee. Included in the collection is a time capsule that was created by the city government for the bicentennial celebration with instructions to be opened by the Mayor on September 17, 1930. The materials in the time capsule document the 200th anniversary celebration. Also included is a letter...
Dates: 1829-1830, 1928-1930 (bulk, 1930)

Circular letters

Identifier: 0200.008
Scope and Contents note

Letters sent by the Mayor to all department heads. These volumes include the circular letters received by the Fire Commissioner.

Dates: 1930-1974 with gaps

City Record

Identifier: 0200.007
Scope and Contents

Includes bound volumes of issues of the City Record from 1898-1900, 1909-1960, 1972 October-1980 and 1984-1988 and loose copies of the City Record from 1969-1988 with gaps and 2000-2010 with gaps.

Dates: 1898-2010 with gaps

Complaint register

 Item — Volume 1
Identifier: 0200.003
Scope and Contents

Register recording complaints made to the Mayor's Office from 1885-1888. Includes date, name of person, complaint and disposition.

Dates: 1885-1888


Identifier: 0200.010
Dates: 1862-1927 with gaps

Executive Department reports

Identifier: 0200.005
Scope and Contents

Bound volumes of departmental annual reports submitted to the Mayor. Annual reports can also be found in the City Documents series.

Dates: 1890-1911 with gaps

Mayor Joseph Wightman portrait

 Item — Box 1
Identifier: 0217.001
Scope and Contents

Portrait of Mayor Joseph Wightman who served as Mayor of Boston in 1861-1862. This portrait was most likely created circa 1880-1900 as part of the set of portraits of Mayors which were hung in the Old City Hall. It is a photographic portrait on a metal plate and measures 15" x 18".

Dates: circa 1880-1900

Mayoral addresses

Identifier: 0200.001
Scope and Contents

Includes two compilation volumes of addresses from 1822-1867 and printed copies of annual and inaugural addresses of the Mayor from 1824-1980 with gaps.

Dates: 1822-1980 with gaps

Office of the Mayor bills relating to the Anthony Burns case

 Series — Box SB - 011: Series IV, Folder: 7
Identifier: 0200.020
Scope and Contents note

This collection contains bills and receipts in conncection with the military services of various cavalry, infantry, and artillery units of the Massachusetts Volunteer Militia. Payments are detailed for ammunitions supplies such as musket balls, carbine cartridges, and ball cartridges purchased from William Read. Co. The file also includes several writs of attachment which seem to have resulted from a contractual dispute over unpaid bills for refreshments for the Light Guards.

Dates: 1854-1855

Office of the Mayor reports and publications

Identifier: 0200.006
Scope and Contents

Collection of publications produced by the Mayor's Office and various offices within the Mayor's Office on many topics relating to Boston.

Dates: circa 1895-2015

Papers relating to the draft riots

 Series — Box SB - 017: Series IV; Series I, Folder: 6-7
Identifier: 0200.023
Scope and Contents

Includes correspondence to Mayor Lincoln, general orders and police reports regarding the draft riots in 1863.

Dates: 1863

Plaques of Boston mayors

 Collection — Shelf Mayor plaques
Identifier: 0200.024
Scope and Contents

17 circular bronze relief plaques of the following mayors: John F. Fitzgerald, Thomas N. Hart, Edwin U. Curtis, Josiah Quincy, Patrick Collins, Augustus Martin, Daniel Whelton, Thomas Hibbard, Andrew Peters, Hugh O'Brien, Nathan Matthews, Samuel Green, Frederick O. Prince, William Gaston, Nathaniel Shurtleff, Otis Norcross, Samuel Elliott

Dates: circa 1800s-1900s

Recruiting Committee publication

Identifier: 0200.021
Scope and Contents

Published by order of the Recruiting Committee: "Recruiting System of the City of Boston together with a Statement of the Bounty Paid to Volunteers by the State and United States."

Dates: 1863