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Business certificate filings

Identifier: 0301.001
Scope and Contents note This series includes records of business certificate filings from 1907-2013. It is divided into two sub series: Indexes and Certificates. The indexes from 1907-1979 are in bound volumes. The indexes for 1980-1982 and 1983 are in card file drawers. The index covering 1984-1994 is stored in four binders and the indexes for 1995-2010 are in single volumes. The index includes date of filing, name of business, name of owner, address of business and address of owner. The indexes to the business...
Dates: 1907-2017

Cable television files

Identifier: 0700.016
Dates: circa 1972-1982

Cablevision plans

Identifier: 5000.006
Scope and Contents note

This series of plans for the Public Works Department illustrate where underground cable lines where laid in the early 1980s by Cablevision of Boston. Arrangement is by neighborhood and street.

Dates: 1983-1984

Campaign expense returns

Identifier: 0301.021
Scope and Contents

Includes returns of expenses filed by candidates at State and Municipal Elections and returns of expenses filed by treasurers of Political Committees.

Dates: 1905-1912

Capital Construction project files

Identifier: 4300.001
Scope and Contents

Project files of construction, alteration and renovation projects managed by the Public Facilities Department (Property Management)/Capital Construction of city-owned buildings including schools, libraries, fire stations, police stations, municipal buildings, and Boston City Hospital. Records include contracts, plans, correspondence, memoranda, and photographs.

Dates: 1967-2012

Case file

 File — Box: SB - 017, Folder: 23
Identifier: 8503.003
Scope and Contents

Includes one case file for a child under supervision of the Office of Trustees for Children, 1899-1907.

Dates: 1899-1907

Cemetery Department annual reports and publications

Identifier: 4410.001
Scope and Contents Includes copies of annual reports for the years 1900-1905, 1908-1910, 1912, 1914-1915; Reports on Intramural Internments, 1879 (City Documents 47, 96 and 110 of 1879); "Report of Special Committee of Common Council in Regard to South Burying-Ground on Washington Street", 1883; "Copy of Inscriptions upon the Granite Stones in the Kearsarge Avenue Cemetery, 1890; and "Historical Sketch and Matters Appertaining to the Copps Hill Burial-Ground", 1901. Annual reports can also be found in the City...
Dates: 1879-1912

Cemetery Department correspondence

Identifier: 4410.004
Scope and Contents

Four volumes of correspondence of the Cemetery Department.

Dates: 1897-1911 with gaps

Cemetery Department financial records

 Series — Box: 1
Identifier: 4410.009
Scope and Contents

Cemetery Department cashbooks, etc. dated before 1870. Per state law, records cannot be destroyed. Volumes are in extremely poor condition with water damage.

Dates: circa 1850s-1870

Cemetery Department scrapbook

Identifier: 4410.005
Dates: 1902-1903

Cemetery Division maps and plans

Identifier: 4410.002
Scope and Contents note This collection includes maps and plans from the Cemetery Division headquarters at Mt. Hope Cemetery. The maps and plans span the years circa 1899-1999. Many of the maps and plans are undated. The condition of many of the plans is poor because of previous storage and water damage. The collection has been divided into 4 series: Series I - Mt. Hope Cemetery, Series II - Evergreen Cemetery, Series III - Fairview Cemetery, and Series IV - Historic Burying Grounds. The Mt. Hope...
Dates: circa 1899-1999

Cemetery Division microfilm

Identifier: 4410.008
Scope and Contents note This series includes microfilm produced by the Cemetery Division between 1980-1981. Records filmed include interment cards, lot index cards and lot plan cards. The interment cards are filed alphabetically within each cemetery and may include name, lot #, location, proprietor, date of interment, age, date of death, place of death, cause of death and undertaker. The 19th century cards for Mt. Hope Cemetery and the Historic Burying Grounds do not provide cause of death. The cards for the...
Dates: circa 1852-1980

Centennial Year of Temporary Home for Women and Children

 Item — Publications: PB 033
Identifier: 8720.002
Dates: 1957

Central administrative files

Identifier: 9000.002
Scope and Contents Since 1935 the Boston Housing Authority (BHA) has been responsible for planning, building, and managing housing for low-income families and the elderly in Boston, Massachusetts, with financial assistance from state and federal agencies. Central administrative files are those of the chief administrator and staff, who were responsible for overseeing the daily operations of BHA and carrying out policies and programs approved by the authority's board of commissioners until 1980, when the...
Dates: 1939-1981

Central Board Meeting files

Identifier: 9000.004
Scope and Contents Since 1935 the Boston Housing Authority (BHA) has been responsible for planning, building, and managing housing for low-income families and the elderly in Boston, Massachusetts, with financial assistance from state and federal agencies. Until 1980, when BHA was placed in receivership, overall policy- and decision-making power was vested in its board of commissioners, while responsibility for daily administration was vested in an administrator and staff. The administrator attended regular...
Dates: 1963-1993

Central Housing Project files

Identifier: 9000.006
Scope and Contents note This series includes the central files of the staff of the Boston Housing Authority on the individual housing developments under their control. The files are arranged under the authority establishing the developments and within those categories by each development project. The Federally-Aided Developments for Families of Low Income were established under the U.S. Housing Act of 1937, as amended and were constructed between 1938 and 1973. The State-Aided Developments for Veterans' Families or...
Dates: circa 1938-1982

Central Legislative files

Identifier: 9000.003
Scope and Contents note

The Central Legislative files include copies of legislation and correspondence relating to public housing in general and the Boston Housing Authority. This collection is divided into 3 series: Federal Legislation, State Legislation and internal legislation of the Boston Housing Authority. The original order and file names were retained. The files are generally chronological within each series.

Dates: 1937-circa 1980

Certificates of Use and Occupancy

Identifier: 5410.005
Scope and Contents

Files from 1972-2002 arranged alphabetically by address. Files from 2003-2014 are arranged chronologically. Files generally include copy of the certificate, inspection reports and other materials submitted during the application process.

Dates: 1972-2014 with gaps

CETA program files

Identifier: 9000.016
Scope and Contents Since 1935 the Boston Housing Authority (BHA) has been responsible for planning, building, and managing housing for low-income families and the elderly in Boston, Massachusetts, with financial assistance from state and federal agencies. Beginning in l975, BHA participated in the CETA (Comprehensive Employment and Training Act) program by which the federal government subsidized jobs for unskilled and minority workers. The program was administered through the Public Service Employment Program...
Dates: 1969-1980

Charles Logue School artifact

Identifier: 0420.084
Scope and Contents

Cooking apron made by sixth grader Nancy Naglin in 1960-1961 at the Charles Logue School in Mattapan in preparation for seventh grade junion high school home economics/cooking class. The apron was the final project after three years of sewing classes.

Dates: 1960-1961

Charles Street Jail and Deer Island cases

Identifier: 0700.011
Dates: circa 1971-1976

Charles Street Jail records

Identifier: 8210.001
Scope and Contents note The records in this collection encompass the years 1862-1990 and are varied in nature. There is one volume of personnel records and one volume containing statistics for the jail. A couple of logbooks document various occurrences at the Jail. These include deaths, cases of insanity, escapes, paupers, sentences, and punishments. A number of other logbooks document personal property transfers, emergency contacts for inmates, as well as the daily population and guard schedule. The Daily...
Dates: 1862-1990

Charles Sumner School graduation program

Identifier: 0420.062
Scope and Contents

Graduation program from 1912.

Dates: 1912

Charlestown Free School fund records

Identifier: 0402.001
Scope and Contents

Includes financial records of the Charlestown Free School Fund which provided support for the public schools in Charlestown.

Dates: 1835-1960

Charlestown High School records

Identifier: 0420.023
Scope and Contents

Includes a register of visitors to the School, 1852-1872; framed portraits of the classes of 1926 and 1927; photograph album of Class of 1939; diploma lists, 1987-1992; graduation programs, 1873, 1875, 1878-1883, 1885-1887 1991-1992; and yearbooks, 1926-1933, 1935, 1937-1944, 1946-1950, 1952-1954, 1957-1970, 1972, 1974-1975, 1977-1979, and 1990-2005.

Dates: 1852-2005

Children's Institutions Department annual reports

Identifier: 8503.002
Scope and Contents note The records in this collection consist entirely of the annual reports of the Children’s Institutions Department. These reports span the dates 1898 through 1920 with gaps for the years 1899-1900 and 1914-1915. The reports provide statistical data for each institution under the control of the Department as well as reports from the individual superintendants for each institution. Included are summaries of the Department’s operations for the previous fiscal year, comparison to the fiscal year...
Dates: 1898-1920

Chinatown Main Street website

Identifier: 7660.003
Dates: 2016-present

Church records

Identifier: 0330.010
Scope and Contents

This collection includes transcribed registers of church records, as well as, original church records of defunct churches. Records include baptisms, marriages, deaths, communicants, covenants, admissions, dismissals, members, and gneral church history. The collection amounts to 74 volumes and spans the years from 1630-1889. The collection includes local congregations of Baptist, Congregational, Methodist Episcopal, Presbyterian, Protestant Episcopal, and Unitarian denominations.

Dates: 1630-1889

Circular letters

Identifier: 0200.008
Scope and Contents note

Letters sent by the Mayor to all department heads. These volumes include the circular letters received by the Fire Commissioner.

Dates: 1930-1974 with gaps

City Archives publications

 Item — Publications: PB 004
Identifier: 0320.002
Scope and Contents

Boston Recollections: The Boston History Calendar, 2001, compiled and produced by the Archives Division staff.

Dates: 2001